Eco Rallye Mallorca Inca Ciutat

Eco Rallye Mallorca Inca Ciutat. Pioneering event in the Balearic Islands that combines sport, sustainability and commitment to the environment.

Inca, Neural Center · Mountain roads with good grip, two-way and safe for driving.

Varied tour of more than 50% of the island · The best landscapes and towns in Mallorca.

Mobility challenge with night stage · More than 300 KM of travel · Complementary activities and events.

Eco Rallye Mallorca 2024 Edition








Eco Rally Mallorca

The Eco Rallye Mallorca Inca Ciutat is part of the multidisciplinary project eMallorca Experience.


Fourth edition of this test, which in 2024 continues to be scored for the Spanish Alternative Energy Championship. This is a federated automobile test, where participating teams measure their driving skills to be as efficient as possible. Consumption and regularity are measured when driving on the road at an average speed of around 50km/h. The vehicles used are hybrid and/or electric serie cars. Roads of Mallorca receive the best national and local pilots with the presence of several prominent figures in society.

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